About Us

Young but vibrant and capable, Hello AirBnBMaid is a group of total home care professionals from IMC Cleaning Services Pty Ltd, an established residential and commercial cleaning company based in Sydney NSW.
Based on our vast field experience servicing a countless number of valuable partners and clients across all areas of Sydney, we offer tailored home care packages, exceptional customer service, minimum lead time, best value for money and quality without compromise.
With Hello AirBnBMaid, your travel destination will always be a comfort zone.

For rental hosts and home owners, leaving your property in the good hands of Hello AirBnBMaid will add value to your property. Our group of total home care professionals will add a magic touch on top of the standard cleaning and maintenance procedure which will highlight the overall presentation of your property. Our friendly administrations team and our experienced 150 cleaners work hand in hand towards a single goal, Customer Satisfaction.
Maximise your return and minimise the hassle with Hello AirBnBMaid. Unleash the monetary potential of your home and your investment properties!

Administration will arrange

Cleaners, key exchange, property maintenance, emergency services and advise on insurance arrangements.

Cleaners will provide

Full Change-over Cleaning, Comprehensive Departure Cleaning, Light Service Cleaning, Bed Making, Linen/Towel Services, Damage Reports and more.

Good maintenance and cleaning

Maximise your return on your home and investment properties. Our resources and professional staff guarantee that your property is in good hands.