Holiday rental care, where we manage all the details.

Do you rent out your holiday home when it’s not being used? You may find its far more work than you anticipated, especially if you have a lot of short term tenants. We aim to do away with the inconvenience and let the property perform to your advantage.

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Our Cleaning Services

Holiday homes are meant to get you and your clients away from regular work. Our complete services look after all the details of cleaning and maintenance. We aim to make your Holiday home function like a personal hotel. There’s nothing to worry about, the details are being looked after by us.

  • Towel and linen service, including washing and folding
  • Bed making
  • Complete entry and exit cleaning
  • General cleaning and tidying
  • Window cleaning and emptying of bins
  • Fridge, oven, microwave, kitchen cleaning
  • Damage inspection with reports
  • Repair of any issues
  • Guest change over cleaning

As part of the complete and total home care service, our friendly administrations team will also assist you with:

  • Property management
  • Key delivery, Pick-up and Drop-off management
  • Safety procedure for your peace of mind
  • Advising guests on your Holiday Home and its requirements
  • Emergency management 24/7 for any unexpected situation
  • Advice on the best level of insurance
  • Concierge

As part of a larger network of cleaning services we have access considerable resources and person power. Our network always has cleaners, administrators and personnel available for emergencies. Your Property will be in good hands.

We cover all Sydney suburbs. Leave your holiday house safe and secure with us, and benefit from the revenue it generates.